Bevels and flat markers - Bevels have a slight rise towards the top of the stone, flat or grass markers are flush wit the ground.  Variety of colors and sizes.   Start @ $495

Slants - available with or without a base - traditional or western style

Start at $895

 R-A-R Monument 

​​Your memories... Your ideas... Carved in Stone.

Uprights - available in  variety of styles and granite colors - includes base and all basic lettering/engraving - We can fit ANY budget!

Porcelain, vases and etching available -

call/email for free design and quote  

                                                                         Granite vases or metal vases mounted to                                                                                     back, side or in ground

Benches - available in a variety of colors and styles & sizes.   Engraving included, etching may be extra for black granite

Start at $1275

Boulders - polished and sawn, most 14in wide per cemetery guidelines - call for pricing and availability

Columbaria and Mausoleums