UNION GROVE CEMETERY has a designated GREEN HYBRID BURIAL AREA.    Thank you for considering this natural burial process designed to protect our environment and provide an alternate way of caring for the Earth.   Natural burial is used to minimize the impact on our environment and allow the natural decomposition of the body without chemicals or artificial substances .   If you spend your life caring for the Earth and want to continue that promise at the end of  your life - you can chose Green Burial at Union Grove Cemetery.   

Only eco-friendly products are permitted for shrouds, caskets and urns. 

We do not require the use of a vault (partial, inverted, or otherwise), a vault lid, concrete box, slab or partitioned liner in the Green Area. Embalming is also NOT permitted.   

We encourage families and loved ones to fully participate in site choice, preparation and continued care.   We can take time to walk the area and choose the spot your loved one will have as final resting space.   Families can assist cemetery staff with first dig or first fill of grave.   Families are permitted to plant flowers (with manager approval) near the boulder of their loved one.  Cemetery staff is responsible for all care, but we encourage family input.

Plot purchase includes space for your loved one to be buried and a tree or flower planting.  Additional:  Opening and closing cost per cemetery schedule - Boulders are available to be engraved with name and dates.  Boulder pricing starts at $450-$900.

The designated Green Burial area will be neatly landscaped as natural as possible, encouraging the natural habitat for plants and animals to thrive.   Cemetery staff is happy to assist with planning and approval of products and memorial markers.   Cemetery staff will mount VA bronze markers on 'entrance boulders' to Green Area at no additional charge.